The winter look

What does a good winter combo look like? Here in New York City we can get one year where we look more like stuffed turkeys than other years! By the way, how was your Thanksgiving? Im stuffed! Anyways, When it comes to dressing for winter we want to not have to risk a cold just to look good. That rule of “beauty is pain” does not apply to getting sick. 

Layer up!   Layering up is a great way to stay warm and look great at the same time. Make sure when you layer up, you are picking colors that blend well with each other.  

  • Warm color palettes: Chestnut/umber, maroon/wine/mauve, royal purple,olive, navy,black, cognac brown, dark grey and I know I am missing many in-between colors too…
  • Vibrant-warm palettes:  Hunter/pool table green, burnt orange, Mid-blue,turquoise, and red
  • Neutrals: Beige,white,egg-shell, ballet slipper pink, baby pink, mint, slate grey, purple, and light coffee. 

Many of these colors are complimentary to each other for example when collaborating warm and neutral palettes, an olive and light coffee ensemble would be perfect, even olive and baby pink. Darker colors like Chestnut paired with sky blue,wine and slate grey, hunter green and white… the possibilities are endless! 

My best advice to you is to play around with colors and patterns.

I am a NYC based stylist, feel free to contact me for consultation! My email adress is:


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